Fro-Yo Frenzie

In honor of the late-summer heat wave, my boyfriend and I decided to go out for some frozen yogurt.  My favorite spot for fro-yo is a tiny place called Juniper in the heart of Providence, RI.  This small, clean venue is absolutely adorable, ornamented by a series of flags spelling out “Juniper” across the front window.  The menu features a soft, icy yogurt made with fresh, all natural ingredients.  There are two types of yogurt available, original and blueberry (made with fresh blueberries!), and a variety of organic toppings to choose from ranging from diced fruits to chocolate bits and granola.  We (after a great deal of contemplation) decided on blueberry yogurt with raspberries and white chocolate bits.  Mmmmm!

3 thoughts on “Fro-Yo Frenzie

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