After quite a bit of deliberation (and taking a pair of scissors to the previously long, doughty sleeves of this old J.Crew tuxedo shirt), I decided on this outfit for my trip to the city: a little something I like to call (for lack of a more clever name) the She Tuxedo…cue laughter…I know, at me, not with me…oh well.  A tuxedo-inspired look only seemed appropriate to don at the Opera House, so I decided to reinvent the look with shorter  hemlines.  After chopping the sleeves of the classic tux shirt, I rolled them several times and knotted the hem to create a more feminine, younger silhouette.  I paired my newly altered shirt with the Trouvé shorts I had purchased just the day before.  For a little punch of color, I quickly pinned a red fabric flower, also from J.Crew (but it could make for an easy DIY), onto my bag et voila: The She-Tux.  SOo SOphisticated.  After prancing around Lincoln Center for a bit, my mom and I hit 5th Avenue (mainly Bendel’s) for some quick makeovers and retail therapy.  Henri Bendel, we decided, is one of our favorite stores in New York.  As if the she-tux was planned by the Bendel’s gods, I stumped upon some stackable rings and a necklace adorned with neatly crafted bows in the sale room; My whiney, half-joking prayers about needing a bow tie to complete my outfit were answered!  I also scored some super comfy ballet flats (apparently I’ve become re-obsessed with them), the perfect keychain to add to my collection, and some amazing Trish McEvoy makeup…those glamorous ladies can convince you to do anything, I swear!  After our mini makeovers we had some salads at “Mangia”, also recommended by one of the Trish ladies (like I said, very persuasive).  They were so delicious we decided to take some macaroons for the road (another Trish suggestion).  Then, it was FINALLY time for the ballet!  My mom and I sat in an adorable little box in the first tier balcony.  There are no words to describe the excitement and anticipation that filled me as I hung upon each step the dancers made.  All I have to say is if you ever have the chance to see ABT, or any ballet company for that matter, PLEASE DO!  You will not regret it.  This was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life, and for those of you who are wondering, Julie Kent is not as elegant and beautiful as you imagine…she’s better.

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