Midnight In Paris

Over the long weekend, I was lucky enough to see Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris.  Because the title suggests a sappy rom-com (something I happen to love), the film stars two of my favorites (Wilson & McAdams), and the previews looked promising, I jumped at my friend’s offer catch the late showing at the Avon.  But, much to my surprise, the movie turned out to be far smarter and more sophisticated than anticipated.  Of course, besides all the cleverness and culture, my favorite part of the movie (which was set in modern day and 1920’s Paris), was the fashion.  There was Rachel McAdams’ character, Inez, who donned one adorable outfit after the other consisting mostly of shirt dresses, button-downs, wedges, and tons of belts…definitely encouraged me to break out my favorite waist-cinchers and give it a try!  Then of course there was Marion Cotillard’s character, the 20’s swinger, Adrian, with her aahhhhmazing sparkly shift dresses, tiny beaded bags and fearless headpieces.  Two polar opposite wardrobes on the leading ladies made for an entire film of non-stop never-boring eye candy.  Here are a few highlights:

Now go see Midnight in Paris!

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