DIY: Framed Inspiration Board

I have done something monumental.  Something huge.  I’m very proud so, let me start from the beginning…I used to be what you might call a zine-hoarder.  At the beginning of each month, I would excitedly buy every magazine in sight- Nylon, Glamour, Style Watch, InStyle, Vogue, (Teen Vogue via monthly subscription)…you name it, I bought it.  Seems normal right? WRONG. Instead of reading the magazines and recycling them, I had this dangerously contagious habit of “putting them away for a future project”…as you can imagine, my project ideas never seemed worthy of the golden-paged magazines that I so creepily idealized.  My collection grew larger and took up much more shelf space than should have ever been permitted.  This past weekend, as I was on the beach reading my monthly Teen Vogue, I realized that many of the topics being discussed had been issues in my life several years prior…back to school shopping stress, SAT prep, bullying, acne…you know what I mean, things that no longer held my attention.  I suddenly had this epiphany that perhaps, being 19, it is time for me to graduate to big-girl-Vogue.  But what to do with all those old Teenies collecting dust?  Well, after seeing this photo:

and being inspired by a bunch of beautiful old frames my sister was getting rid of, I went to work on a DIY cork inspiration board.

You Will NEED:

  • ‘ZINES! dur
  • scissors
  • push pins/tape
  • an old frame
  • cork board
  • an exacto-knife
Getting STARTED:
  • first, get a good ‘zine hoard pile going, then go through each and decide which photos and words inspire you most.  or, (like I’ll be doing from now on), simply continue this process as time goes on, each time you read a magazine, dog-ear the corner or rip the page out when something catches your eye.  this way you won’t end up spending DAAAAYS going through your creepy hoard pile…oops…
  • once you’ve got a fair amount of clippin’s, it’s time to prep your frame.  first, remove whatever happens to be in the frame (including the glass)…for example, the prior inhabitant of my frame was this little beauty:
  • after you’ve removed the glass, assemble and cut the corkboard to fit into the frame.  I used the more “decorative” looking style from Michael’s craft store that comes in 4 squares.  Secure them all together in the back using strong tape.  It should look something like zisss:
Now it’s time to CREATE:
  • arrange your photos/articles/whatever inspires you however you’d like!  This was the formula I used:
{I kept things relatively spread apart and avoided overlapping for a less cluttered look, unless of course that’s what you’re going for…remember there is no way to do this wrong!}
{since Laura Love is one of my favorite models, I decided to incorporate this feature of her from 2007 (she’s also a ballet dancer with the Los Angeles Ballet! very cool}
{as a refreshing change from my usual neutral-toned wardrobe, the bright colors of summer inspire me every where I look!  I decided to group these bright clips together at the top}
{blogging inspo’: Emily‘s blog really was the reason I started blogging.  naturally she had to make an appearance on here…this is the article that turned me on to her blog in the first place!  I also stuck in a list of some top street style blogs to keep me amused on rainy days}
{I’m always clipping photos of entire outfits that I love…oddly enough I loved the way these looked all lined up as I cut/laid them out so I left it that way. like a little party of chic paper dolls!……not funny? oh well moving on…}
{the center of the board features some beauty trends I’m dying to snatch up; chanel rouge coco shine in “boy” (named for the polo player the designer had an affair with for many years, & dark green “eucalyptus” nail polish.  in this photo it looks black, but in person it’s actually a deep, dark green…essie’s going incognito. supah sexy.}
{this little section features some things I’d like to have in mind next time I’m shopping: chic surf style dresses, non-flip flop sandals, I NEED SOME! peach maxi skirts and chunky neutral knits.}
{et voilà, the finished product!}

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