Yes, it’s another froyo post…

Hello, my name is Kirsten and I’m addicted to frozen yogurt.  Yes, I’m afraid it’s true.  Which explains why I squealed (literally, like a pig) with excitement when, on a what should’ve been a routine trip to Anthropologie (to which I am also addicted), I noticed the new PinkBerry in Garden City has finally opened.  I know I’ve raved about Juniper and Froyo World in the past, but it’s about time RI got a PinkBerry!  I mean how have we rhodies been deprived of this scrumptiousness for so long?  Am I right?! Who’s with me?!??  Alright, calm down…back to the froyo.  Of course, I told my mom she had no choice but to go with me.  We both decided cones would be fun, so after a few samples she settled on the delicious chocolate and I opted for the newest flavor: salted caramel.  Oh.My.God.So.Good.  I can’t wait to go back for more! I’ll definitely be selecting the same flavor again…it was too good not to indulge in at least once more before exploring the other flavors!

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