The Kids Are Alright

They may be tweeny boppers, but young Elle Fanning and Hailee Steinfeld have already made names for themselves as standouts in the fashion world.  At 13 and 14, Elle and Hailee have quickly conquered the big screen (Super 8) as well as the small screen (Hailee scored an Academy Award nomination for best supprting actress for her role on True Grit).  Not only are these girls talented actresses, but they are serious fashion icons!  With a few lessons from the greats (Elle’s campaign with Marc Jacobs and Hailee’s with Miu Miu), these two mini dynamos have developed some amazing street style, not to mention the red carpet style that always has my jaw dropping!  The day after the Oscars, when standing at the top of my best dressed list was not Gweneth Paltrow or Natalie Portman but none other than little Miss Steinfeld, I knew she was a fashion force to be reckoned with.  And there’s something about the baby Fanning you just can’t resist…

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