Moody Ring Finger

Vanessa Hudgens, Cupcakes and Cashmere

Alright folks, here we have it: the moody ring finger trend.  At first glance, you may think “Hmm, does this chick know her ring finger’s feeling a bit sparklier than the rest?”  At second glance, “Yep, still a bit odd.”  But if you’re like me, the third glance has you creating a little mood swing finger of your very own!  I’m loving the crazy quirkiness of this nail trend…as well as its versatility.  You can opt for metallic vs. sheer in the same hue, sparkly vs. matte, or just go for a different color altogether.  There are no rules!  Torn between two shades at the nail salon?  Fear not!  Pick one for your main color, than slap a little sass on that ring finger and BAM!- ring finger mood swing.  I decided to go with Essie’s  pastel purple Nice is Nice for the main attraction then-WHAM- OPI’s silver sparkle for my “party finger”.  Absolutely bonkers, and oh so fabulous.

{my moody finger manicure…in person the purple is quite a bit stronger and the sparkles almost require sunglasses…I thought the leopard seemed like an appropriate backdrop for such a swingin’ finger, what do you think?}


One thought on “Moody Ring Finger

  1. I really like how this looks. I think the little dab of sparkle on the ring finger is such a fun touch and it doesn’t stand out too much, just a little flash when people look at your hands.

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