Apartment Style

As a celebration of my second professional season with Festival Ballet, I am moving to an apartment on the East Side (hopefully within walking distance)…and I couldn’t be more excited!  To prep myself for today’s place-hunt, I’ve been scoping out adorable new ideas for bedroom organization/clutter control.  Three major areas include jewelry, clothing, and of course shoes:

While most pre-move-ers contemplate appliances, furniture and flooring, I’m spending my morning dreaming of cute little ring dishes and built-in shoe shelving (don’t you think that would greatly increase the value of any closet?).  As for clothing, I’ve already decided to switch out all of my plastic white hangers for something thinner and more chic.  I’ve toiled with the idea of an outer closet clothing rack before…I love how it can add color and inspiration to a space, but it would mean keeping things tidy 24/7…we’ll see how I’m feeling about it when it actually comes time to make the big move!  Until then, I’ll just scroll through/obsessively collect photos like these to inspire my inner-interior decorator:

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