When Pigs Fly

Ladies and gents, feast your eyes upon this little bit of heaven.  What is this, you ask?  Oh, just an amazing little tomato-basil-mozarella number I enjoyed today at the new When Pigs Fly Pizzeria in Kittery, Maine.  Located directly next door (literally in the same building) to the Phantom Gourmet-famous When Pigs Fly company store, this little cafe features a variety of wood-fired pizzas, elaborate appetizer platters, salads, and of course delicious sandwiches featuring their incomparable artisan breads.  They are also known for their selection of unique craft beers and draft wines.  The ‘Backyard Tomato Sandwich’ (pictured above) is a to die for combination of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil pesto, pickled onions, arugula, balsamic and evo captured between two thick slices of crunchy, flavor-packed ciabatta and baked in their wood-fired ovens.  That being said, this was by far one of the best sandwiches I have ever tasted.  And coming from me, that is serious praise.

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