First of all, I apologize for the graphic title of this post…it was the only semi-witty and halfway pun-ish thing I could think of at 12.33 am.  Secondly, I would like to apologize for the annoying and uninspiring frequency of the instagram photos popping up on my blog these days…what can I say?  I’m obsessed.  It can’t be helped.

Now that we’ve got all of my sorries in order, on to better news…I can make this bold and caps but it still won’t come close to expressing how I really feel: ZAPPOS.COM IS THE BEST WAY TO SHOP FOR SHOES ONLINE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.  Did you feel my excitement?  Has my love for Zappos become contagious?  Are you ordering some shoesies right now?  No?  Oh well, it was worth a try.  Unless you are, in which case you’re in for a real treat!  I ordered these slip on chucks in a different color and size 10 days ago.  They arrived 2 days later.  After jumping for joy, trying them on, realizing that all of the rumors about converses running large are very true (my usual size 7 feet are now a dainty 3.5? wow), staring long and hard at the grey/orange color combo, heading to the post office to return the now inadequate navy size 4 pair (fo’ FREE!), and ordering the beauts pictured above, I finally have some perfect errand-running shoes for fall.  Oh and PS I just re-ordered yesterday.   And they arrived today.   Overnight shipping.  I repeat: FO. FREE.  If that doesn’t prove the aforementioned bold/caps statement, I don’t know what will.

Now I better get some sleep before I type another run-on.  Or any more abrupt phrases that don’t really count as sentences at all…

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