DIY: Miniature Closepin Photo Garland

A few weeks ago, I DIYed this simple photo display thats perfect for rotating Instagram favorites.  First, I found some bright yellow miniature clothespins at Michael’s craft store and spray painted a small batch gold to bring them from preschool project to a more mature, neutral chic.  Then I created the “garland” by clipping each photo onto a long piece of twine (also purchased at Michael’s).  So simple!  Because my room is nowhere NEAR being finished, my Insta-Garland has not yet found a permanent home.  For now, being strung across these soon-to-be-removed blinds will have to do.

1) Collect and print a few of your favorite photos

2) (If desired/necessary) use a metallic gold spray paint to coat the pins

3) Clip photos into place and enjoy!

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