Bright Idea

Lately, I’ve been finding myself buried under loads of unnecessary stress.  After weeks of built up worrying, some failed retail therapy and one very pathetic middle-of-the-night meltdown, I’ve realized I need to find a new way to relinquish unhealthy stress.

First, I discovered it’s imperative to give yourself a break once in a while.  If you spread yourself too thin, you’ll only end up exhausted and worn out.  Decide which responsibilities are most important to you, and focus on these alone.  Give yourself a chance to look back at what you’ve accomplished and be proud.  It’s always more rewarding to complete one task exceedingly than to slop your way through an overbooked schedule.

Second, find time for yourself.  If you can, climb into bed an hour early several times a week.  Read a book, write in a journal, make a new playlist…do something for you.  You’ll fall asleep more clear-minded and wake up ready to take on the new day.

Finally, look at the bigger picture.  Realize that everything happens for a reason, and that everything will work out the way it should.  When one door closes, another one opens…cliché, but so true!  Stay positive and accept that every so often, you need to have yourself a good cry.  But after your private pity party, wipe away those tears and show off your gorgeous smile!  Sounds silly, but I promise it will make you feel like a million bucks.

Ever since my stress overload last week, I’ve been thinking about these little tricks, and I’ve been feeling completely recharged.  What do you do when your life needs de-stressing?

5 thoughts on “Bright Idea

  1. are you taking your own advice tonight? i am, and it’s working! how did you get so smart????? i genuinely do believe things happen for a reason, so “looking at the bigger picture” is great advice. :)

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