A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

Dear Photograph,
West Point is where we first pretended we were soldiers. Forty years later,we’re both army veterans.
John and Rob

 While conducting my usual time-passing clicking game through Stumble Upon the other day, I discovered an interesting photography blog called “Dear Photograph”.  The website features nostalgic photos submitted by readers of old photographs blending into their modern-day setting.  As you can imagine, these pictures become much more than simply a swirling of past and present, but also a rush of memories and visual proof of the time that has lapsed.  They seem to defy physics, freezing motion and combining two very different moments in time into one, reflective idea.  To make it even more contemplative, submitters accompany each photograph with a short “letter” suggesting its significance.  I loved scrolling through the time-stopping photos so much that I’ve added it to my bookmarks bar and it will now be part of my constant rotation.  Here are a few more of my favorites:
Dear Photograph,
Why did we watch tv so close?
Dear Photograph,
Seasons come and go, even the walnut tree is a ghost. Yet the old farmhouse endures, and we are glad to be its stewards.
T. and E.
Dear Photograph,
Being silly has its advantages…you see things from a whole new perspective .I need to remember that little girl was me.
Dear Photograph,
My daughter’s soccer team rallied around Team Mom Karla, in a circle of love. I hope one day wearing pink will mean they’ve found a cure, because this year wasn’t Karla’s winning season.
Missing you, Betty
Dear Photograph,
Like the sapling of the newly planted tree, my daughter has grown into a strong, confident young woman. It’s the best birthday wish I could have when she blew out her first candle long ago.
 Dear Photograph,
I can still feel the warmth from Grandma’s wood stove and all the happiness that radiated throughout her house. It has been long abandoned and the stove is no longer lit, yet I will never leave the happiness behind. 
Love, Dawn 

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