DIY: Hanging Crocheted Snowflakes

Want a fast and easy way to make cute winter decorations?  These crochet snowflakes are a simple, adorable project that you can use to transform your home into a winter wonderland year after year.

You Will Need: crocheted fabric doilies (I got mine at a local antique store), liquid starch, white thread

First, lay out each doily on some old newspaper in a single layer.  Next, spray the doilies with liquid starch one by one, until each is saturated.  *Note: fabric must be very wet.

Leave the doilies in a ventilated area and allow to dry overnight.

When doilies are dry (they should be fairly stiff), peel back from paper and tie a piece of thin, white thread to the tip of each one.

Hang your snowflakes by looping them around a curtain rod or hook and double knotting the thread on itself.  

Use varying lengths of thread to create a dynamic blizzard of these sweet little snowflakes anywhere your home could use a little extra winter cheer.  I placed mine in my kitchen windows and I’m in love!  Happy decorating, dolls! x

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