Pucker Up

While I truly admire the punchy pop bright red lips bring to any look, I’ve always thought the zesty shade was reserved for the raven-haired, dark-featured Kim Kardashians of the world…until now.  After collecting several inspirational photos of my fellow fair-headed femmes (woah try saying that 5 times fast), I’ve realized that boldly painted pouts can work on us blondes, too!  Take it from the scarlet-swiped ladies pictured above, the red lipstick/blonde hair combo has finally escaped its bimbo stereotype, and it’s coming to a blondie near you!  Goldie Locks would totally approve…

photos via here, here, and tumblr.

2 thoughts on “Pucker Up

  1. CAn I just say?…LOVE your writing style…oh yeah, and the red lips. will you be sporting that look next time we head to Boston?

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