What To Wear: Valentine’s Day

We all know the date night wardrobe protocol for February 14- flirty dresses, slinky tanks, sexy heels- but what about the first 11 hours of the day?  If you’re like me, you’ll take any excuse to dress according to a holiday (that’s right, folks, this girl doesn’t reserve special occasion ensembles for Halloween and Christmas Eve…July 4th, St. Patrick’s Day, and YOU GUESSED IT Valentine’s Day all warrant coordinating outfit selections).  This year,  I’ll be spending my V-Day with a day full of rehearsals, an evening hiphop class (my newest workout obsession), and hopefully an abundance of chocolate.  But if I weren’t planning on being clad in a leotard and tights all day, I would sport any pair of the jeans above with a simple, subtly sheer top (possible polka-dots included), and some serious power heels.

What are you wearing this Valentine’s Day?

One thought on “What To Wear: Valentine’s Day

  1. Well maybe I need to get me some bright red skinny jeans….or….maybe not. yeah, I think the world would be better off without that. but you would be beautiful in some. xoxo GG

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