I can’t believe it!  Today I am 20 years old.  How did this happen?!  I swear yesterday I was a freshman in high school…now here I am, all grown up with my teenage years behind me!  It’s so strange how quickly time appears to pass.  From a distance we’re whirling around through space, yet through our own eyes, we stand still.  Now that I am a sophisssticated 20-something-year-old ;), I have decided to cease the stand still- that is, to be a more positive, proactive person.  Life will fly by if you keep stopping to try and catch it, so we’ve got to remain in motion, learning, turning, loving, hoping, and most importantly living.  Sorry for the cheese-fest!  I’m done now!  Off to my favorite coffee shop to sample some heart-shaped pastries!  (see, there are perks to February birthdays…)

{birthday cupcakes via my iPhone}

7 thoughts on “20

  1. Happy birthday! You have wonderfully cheesy sophisticated 20 something year old thoughts! You have a great head on your shoulders and yummy heart shaped treats in your tummy! =) February birthdays are the best! Mine is actually today! =)

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