I love surprises.  Everything about them.  I love the flutters that run wild through your body when someone catches you by surprise.  I love the warm feeling you get when you realize how thoughtful and amazing your friends are.  I love the way you can feel your heart expand when a surprise is revealed that’s meant exclusively for you.  Last Saturday night, for my birthday, a group of my closest friends (all of whom I thought were slightly ditching me) threw me a surprise party.  When I walked into my apartment and saw my best friends all there decked out with food, cake, decorations, and crowns, I was so overwhelmed with the previously described and incredibly satisfying flutters in my tummy that I almost cried- and happy tears are a big deal for me!  In short, if I didn’t already know it before, it has been officially confirmed that I have the best friends and family IN THE WORLD!{table full of snacks / a few birthday princesses / chocolate covered strawberries and birthday presents}

In addition to my surprise birthday party, my mom and her not-so-sneaky but conversely extremely brilliant blog-stalking techniques, surprised me with two gifts I’ve lusted after right here on the ol’ blog.  Anyone remember this “Havana” Leif seed bead bracelet?  And I know no one could forget these Isabel Marant boots.  They are just fantastic.  Every detail about them.  Ugh.  I have barely taken them off since they came out of the box.

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