Bunhead Life

Life has been very “bunhead” lately.  As evidenced in the photo above, ballet has been taking over every aspect of my life (I ordered my afternoon tea at Seven Stars and walked home in my practice tutu the other day).  I can’t say I’m surprised by this week’s extreme bunhead status though.  We were super busy rehearsing for 5 shows this weekend; 2 Up Close On Hope‘s and 3 Mother Goose Goes To Hollywood‘s.  The shows could not be more opposite, UCOH is a very dramatic, mature collection of works, while Mother Goose is a fun, action-packed kid-pleaser, filled with colorful props and costumes.  Most of the photos below were snapped during UCOH preparations, (Emily and I in white tutus for Don Quixote variations & Brenna, Emily, Ian and I in black biketards for a contemporary piece entitled My Sorrow), but I managed to capture one nice shot of Ian, Brenna and I in our Mother Goose garb (a feather boa and big movie star sunglasses for me, sailor stripes for Ian, and a delicate white bow and a ’20s style dress for Brenna).

Next on the agenda?  Two days off during which I plan on being glued to my couch with a tv remote in my hand getting some homework done, followed by 3 long rehearsal days and another show-packed weekend!

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