falling for foley+corinna

Do you ever find yourself scouring the internet on a wild goose chase for something?  Whether it be information, an item, a product, a book…the internet seems to have an endless supply of STUFF.  Until it doesn’t.  My embarrassingly extensive search for what has been my dream bag since my sophomore year of high school has proved that once a certain style/color bag has been sold out, it’s really gone.  Despite the fact that the internet can supply you with a plethora of pictures and false hope (can’t tell you how many time I excitedly clicked a new link expecting to uncover a hidden website where the bag had been waiting for me at 40% off), once it’s sold out that’s that.  Sad, yes.

It also turns out I’m one of those people that cannot change their mind when it comes to bag color.  As much as I loooove the design of foley+corinna’s mid city tote (the handles, the extra strap that folds the bag in half converting the shape entirely?! YES PLEASE), the maple color is has seduced me into a stupor I don’t see myself escaping anytime soon.  So until the days of smell-evision and magically converting internet photos into actual molecular matter, I’ll just have to dream.

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