what goes around comes around

Funny story.  Before I ever started a blog (or even knew such a thing actually existed), it was a a lazy summer night when I arbitrarily stumbled upon one of the blog-o-sphere’s top sites, Cupcakes and Cashmere.  I was instantly addicted to Ms. Schuman’s etherial photos, clever how-tos and decadent recipes…I’m not even sure how many times I hit “older posts”.

Now here’s where the story comes full circle: while continuing my seemingly hopeless yet relentless search for this bag I mentioned earlier, I was directed to a plethora of Cupcakes and Cashmere posts- all starring MY dream bag!  While this discovery was not as satisfying as it would have been if I’d actually found a way to purchase the purse, it did provide a collection of pictures for me to oogle.  What’s that?  You want to oogle too?  Be my guest:

5 thoughts on “what goes around comes around

  1. i have certainly felt the same desperate feeling of thinking “if there is a picture of it, why can I not find it anywhere to purchase?” ….and….”if it’s not anywhere on this planet, why are there photos of this thing I want, but cannot have?” …taunting me….When looking for “black, velvet, military jackets” for the YV, I literally scanned through 100s of pictures and sites over 2 months, often only to find that the ideal jacket was “no longer available.” POOP

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