sleeping to dream about you

After spending a significant amount of time in my pajamas yesterday (thank you, Sunday and no obligations!), I realized it might be nice to own a set of “fairly distinguished” (to quote myself) pj’s.  As I sat there in my oversized Labonte’s Auto School graduate tee and boxers I thought, “What if someone were to knock on my door right now?  Someone delivering a package- flowers from a secret admirer perhaps- would I really want to them to see me like this?”  The answer, my friends, turned out to be, I-don’t-actually-care-one-ioda-if-anyone-sees-me-in-these-pj’s-HOWEVER, how nice would it be to feel like a fancy shmancy who’s who each time I crawl under the covers?  Especially the sleepwear pictured above (discovered on pinterest- follow me here!), which is made entirely of jersey material.  I love jersey material.  So soft and stretchy, it’s the perfect pj material.  On net-a-porter, the eberjey ‘gisele’ stretch-jersey pajama set description reads “exactly what you want to slip into after a long day at the office”…alright, so maybe I’m not a shmancy business woman, but I sure do envy those who come home from a taxing day at the ol’ cubicle and slip these puppies on.

Target- do you sell a cheap version yet?

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