There’s been an awful lot of ballet talk here on the ol’ blog (it is called tutus & stilettos, but still, there is such thing as a tutu overload), so I thought I’d share with you this video of some awesome tutting choreography to one of my favorite songs.  I’ve already watched it about 10 times, can’t get over how precise they are!  Videos like this are what remind me that I need to step out of my ballerina bubble and explore other styles of dance once in a while.  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “somebody

  1. OMG… LOVE IT!!!!!! I have been listening to that song way too much lately, now this…’s hard to get enough…

  2. This is amazing!! I love it! Of course I love the song too (I have too, Kimbra comes from NZ, and by default I love everything from NZ), but the dancing is AMAZING!!!! I may even get around to a reblog if you don’t mind?

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