a pint of polish

If there’s one thing my entire family takes pride in, it’s our unique ability to discover new life in old things.  And we’re not just playing around; In my family antiquing is an olympic sport.  Everyone from my grandma, to my aunts, mother, cousins, sister- even my 23-year-old brother- knows the value of a well-restored antique.  Ever heard the saying “They just don’t make ’em the way they used to?”  Well it’s true.  Rediscovered old pieces add a special flare to your home that (in my opinion) simply cannot be replicated by something new.  When I spotted this antique measuring jar last weekend at my favorite indoor flea market, Rhode Island Antiques, I knew I had to have it.  Although my original thinking way to fill the jar with fresh summer flowers, I become inspired by this photo:and decided to try out the glass vase as colorful display of my nail polish collection.  Sure, it may not be this antique’s conventional use, but I think a little usage re-assignment brings new life to an otherwise outdated piece.

4 thoughts on “a pint of polish

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