Okay, it’s time for me to stop skirting around the issue……       (ha. ha.)…I used to dash away any possibility of my maxi-skirt-ability.  UNTIL NOW.  I have recently become  obsessed with the idea of sporting one of these floor length babies.  It’s the perfect outfit component for a breezier summer day, and so easy to adjust for night!  And what I love about the maxi skirt is it’s all about how you style it.  Now onto the photo inspiration…

{blush colored}
{bright + tight}{red + tapered}

What do you think of the maxi skirt trend?  How would you wear it?

One thought on “maxi(mum)

  1. I love it, and currently wear it. I am excited to pair one of my straighter ones with a denim vest. Otherwise I usually use a tank or light jacket. But, a maxi is so versatile. You really can wear it anywhere, and dress it up or down!

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