it was a good toe

While looking through tagged pictures from Facebook’s past, I stumbled upon this screenshot taken by my roommate.  It’s a snippet of a conversation we were having a few months ago as I was sat in the podiatrist’s office, waiting to undergo some slightly painful toe-prodding as a temporary fix for my ballerina problems:

It’s strangely funny to look back now on my joking about amputation, after having actually amputated part of the bone in that very toe!  At the time it seemed completely outlandish, but now that the surgery is done and I’m walking (not limping!)  down the road to recovery, I can’t help but feel a bit bad for my poor, sad little baby toe.  Heal soon, little toe, so we can go back to this soon…

…if you could be all better by next week that would be fantastic.  Thank you very much.


The rest of my body

(Yes, I just addressed my baby toe, pleaded with it, and signed off “from the rest of my body”…I realize how weird I am.  And I think I’m okay with it.)

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