lazy sunday

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday done right.  The roommie and I went for a long walk down Blackstone Boulevard (where the daisies are plentiful), headed to Slater Park for some pistachios/sunbathing/magazine perusing, came home for refreshing homemade lemonade-seltzers (1/2 San Pelligrino, 1/2 lemonade- perfect quencher on a hot summer day), then feasted on a delicious dinner of avocado chicken salads (recipe coming soon), paired with a few Miller Lights that were left in our fridge as little gifts by a recently 21-year-old friend (happy birthday to Will!).  Or at least we accepted them as gifts- it is the champagne of beer, after all- very festive.  I’d say it was a successfully enjoyable, if not productive, Sunday.  I’m a firm believer in the lazy Sunday, especially since today has been all ballet class, homework, and apartment hunting, with class at PC looming in the later hours.  I’ll be giving my first semi-prepared speech of the class tonight- eek!  Public speaking is intimidating bizzz….wish me luck!

Hope you’re making it through Monday, xo

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