the curious case of that cats at petco

What is it about teeny tiny kittens that I find so endearing?  Maybe it’s they way the sleep all layered one on top of the other, or the way they express their fiesty-ness through fuzzy swatting paws without hesitation…or maybe their wide, innocent eyes…

Whatever it is, it’s irresistible.  And serendipitously stumbling into adoption day at Petco is all it takes to remind you of that. (And possibly have you contemplating taking home one of those soft little frisk masters, even though your 95-year-old land lady doesn’t allow pets, and so then you start hatching a “disguise the fact that we are housing a kitty” plan, which is shattered by your realization that kitties have no regard for authority, and will likely perch onto the back of your couch and stare out your living room window, just in time for your land lady to go strolling by and pull the lease out from under your kitty-loving feet, sending you out onto the street with all of your worldly belongings, your kitty, and of course the organic designer cat food that the guy at Whole Foods convinced you was absolutely necessary for the well-being of your against-regulation feline.  Whew.)

Have a fabulous Monday, kittens!

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2 thoughts on “the curious case of that cats at petco

  1. Beautiful kitten! I’d love to have a dog/cat in my flat but its 5th floor (not even possible!) Instead I have a sweet puppy at my mum and dads. Worth travelling back for every chance I get!

    Love your newest follower,

    Sarah XxX

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