outfit envy

Hey everyone!  It’s Thursday and I finally finished my 5-week summer class at Providence College last night (WOO), so you know what that means?!  It’s time for an outfit envy post!  Actually, I’m not sure how those two events correlate whatsoever, but here’s some lust-worthy outfit inspiration anyway…
Ashley Olsen doing it up right in a buttoned down button down and black skinnies.  Awesome giant gold watch, too!Good Ol’ Miley in high shwaisted denim shorts and a cropped black sleeveless top.  Love the bag also…I love how this girl made red the neutral and white the standout color in her outfit.  Genius.This girl has got it all right: blazer, long white tee and leggings.  Comfy, stylish, casual, put together.  It’s alllllll going on.  And her accessories are perfection.  Outfit envy indeed.

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