fall into the gap

While strolling through the mall earlier this week, relishing in the devine smell of my new Flowerbomb perfume sample, I spotted this photograph in the window at Gap.  I completely stopped in my tracks and flitted toward the storefront like a moth to a flame.  It’s not every day you see a model with her leg hiked up above her head!

Gap’s new campaign iconic basic button-downs, redefined.  And who knows more about putting a fresh spin on a classic than a ballet dancer?! Enter Yuanyuan Tan, Principle dancer with the San Francisco Ballet and her lady-like baby blue pointe shoes.  I LOVE Gap for realizing the brilliance in using a ballerina as their model- this photograph captures the eye of all passers-by, and it also contributes to the theme of their campaign immensely.  In selecting Yuanyuan as their model, Gap is heeding their own advice and reinventing the basics.  Thank you, Gap, for thinking outside the box and seeking a different type of model for your campaign.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good model (Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, and Miranda Kerr I’m looking at you!), but there’s an unmatchable beauty in a ballet photograph.  Not only does the photographer have the ability to capture the honest joy that surfaces on the dancer’s face while she’s engaged in her craft, but each pose conveys a deep strength that can only be attained through a lifetime of hard work.  Fierce, Ms. Tan!

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