denim moves you

How many of you caught my post about YuanYuan Tan’s awesome photo for Gap’s new “Be Bright” campaign?  Well, if you liked that, you’ll loooove my latest discovery: dance prodigy and leader of New Styles Krew, Lil Buck, stars in Gap’s newest commercial entitled “Denim Moves You”.  In the bold new video, Lil Buck shows off his incredibly impressive “jookin” moves.  Jookin’ is a style of dance that originated in Memphis, Tennessee in the 1990s.  As displayed in the commercial, jookin’ creates the allusion that the dancer is weightlessly floating across the floor in a rhythm that I can only describe as stunningly concurrent with the music.  Lil Buck’s shoes appear as if smothered with butter, as he rises up on his toes with what seems like little to no effort.  Safe to say I am absolutely enthralled with Gap’s latest dance moves campaign moves.  Bravo!

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