down the rabbit hole

How spellbinding are these fairy-tale-gone-glam photos from the Vogue Magazine archives?  I mean, who doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland Helmut Lang?  And if you’re like me and you’re favorite musical is Wicked (I’ve seen it twice!), you’ll melt over that shot of Kristen Chenoweth as Galinda at Pier 59 in New York.

Earlier today I stumbled upon this collection of ethereal photographs, inspired by classic tales and emulated by celebrities and high fashion models.  Doesn’t Keira Knightly make a gorgeous Dorothy-in-Marc-Jacobs, with the Penn State marching band and artist Kara Walker (aka Glinda the Good Witch) showing her the way down the yellow brick road?  Some of the most playful of all of these photographs seem to be those in which Lady Gaga portrays the wicked old witch trying to fatten up poor Hansel and Gretel for her next child à la mode.  I love the editorial take on the setting and the couture is absolutely devine.  “Gretel looks sweet enough to eat in a poufy confection. But it’s Hansel the evil one wants to fatten up and feast on.” (Vogue Magazine).  And of course, saving the best for last, we have the stunning Brazilian supermodel Caroline Trentini looking like the picture perfect princess-turned-swan Odette.  I mean, if a Marchesa dress with ostrich feathers and a Cartier tiara don’t say swan princess, nothing does.

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