mariinsky’s mogul

It’s rare that a dancer is able to achieve something so monumental that their accomplishment makes ballet history.  However, for 22-year-old Keenan Kampa, this seemingly unattainable dream has become a reality.  This summer Keenan became the very first American dancer ever to be invited to dance with the world famous Mariinsky Ballet in Russia.  Her joining the company marks a moment in ballet history that many of us in the ballet world never even considered a possibility.

Aside from Ms. Kampa’s obvious talent (I saw her as Mercedes in Boston Ballet’s Don Quixote last spring-  her technique is immaculate), she also happens to be gorgeous.  I absolutely adore the above photo of her, taken by Gene Schiavone, and the way it subtly combines ballet and fashion (something I am clearly an advocate of).  The photo has such a high fashion behind-the-scenes-of-an-editorial vibe to it, with the lights, ladder and paint cans, and I love all of the vibrant color-blocking belts wrapped around her extra long trunk.

What do you think of Keenan’s high fashion photo?  Have you ever been lucky enough to see her perform?

3 thoughts on “mariinsky’s mogul

  1. I have never seen her perform, but I read an article about her invitation. She is very impressive, and the photo shoot brings a vibrant quality to her streamlined figure. The paint cans and ladder add just the right amount of diversity in the photo, while the belts ping a simple design element that contrasts perfectly with the intricate design in her costume.

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