thoughts on running

I used to claim I’d never enjoy running.  Being a dancer, my joints are very dear to me, and the negative effect running can have on them was just never worth the risk.  This summer, however, that changed.

I decided to try interval running, a technique where you run for a few minutes, then walk for a few minutes, and alternate the two speeds throughout your entire distance.  I am SO glad to have finally realized the beauty that is interval running.  It allows me to rest my joints and feet for a bit between spurts, while still keeping my heart rate elevated for the duration of the workout.  That is what you call the best of both worlds, folks!

Now, I can proudly say I am a changed woman.  While I can’t yet claim to ever actually look forward to running (constant heavy breathing, hair stuck to my forehead with sweat, aching feet, and I don’t even get to wear a tutu? hard to see the bright side here…), I have finally found a way to make running accessible to me.  I even went out running in the pouring rain the other day, just to get in a good sweat and clear my mind!  This may not seem like an accomplishment to most, but I am pretty darn proud.{spotted: raindrops on roses during my rainy run}

5 thoughts on “thoughts on running

  1. I too thought I’d never like running. I used to play team sports, and prefer to have fun rather than get fit. But in team sports, you need, well, a team. In running you just need yourself, and a pair of good shoes. You can do it when you prefer, when you have time, and at your own pace. And you get fit. I prefer to run early in the morning, and in the past years I’ve seen more sunrises than most people will see in their entire lives. So, Run Kristen, Run.

  2. I hate running, but I’ve got these feet that start hurting like hell when I do it. Due to ballet they sag to the inside and that hurts too much…
    Besides that I always get scared by my heavy breathing :).

  3. I still haven’t managed to get myself to run.. and enjoy it! Are there any secrets to it? How do I get over the “heavy breathing” party? : )

    • I’m certainly no expert, and am still teaching myself to enjoy it, but I think the secret it that you must stop trying to “enjoy” running (I mean, really, unless you’re seriously into running, most of us are never going to actually like constantly feeling like we are being chased by a man with a chainsaw), and instead focus on trying to appreciate it. Perhaps by recognizing an appreciation for running and all of its MANY positive benefits, we may be able to lighten the severity of our hatred for it?! As for the heavy breathing…I find it helps to breath in through the nose and out through the mouth, but try to make this as natural as possible. When I first started running, I made such a point of breathing like this that it was all I focused on and my breathing became awkward and out of rhythm with my feet. Also, having headphones in your ears keeps you from hearing yourself- I found this VERY helpful! I hope some of this helps you, Aura! Thanks for stopping by the blog. :) Appreciate your run today!

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