a baby shower

Today was my big sister’s baby shower.  A “henhouse” of ladies all gathered at my parent’s house to celebrate Kara and her cute little baby bump.  I mean really, could she look any more adorable with that tummy?  She certainly wears pregnancy well, that one…

We snacked on fancy finger foods, sipped bubbly (nonalcoholic) punch, indulged in some delicious cake (expertly baked and decorated by my Aunt Rita), and watched Kara tear away all that pink wrapping paper, which lead to numerous rounds of awww’s and teeny-sock-admiring.  Baby Emily, the adorable daughter of a very close family friend, gave my sister a run for her money for the title of “Queen of the Party”.  I also got to practice my Auntie skills…snuggling, rocking, bouncing, making faces, then passing her back to her Mama when she gets fussy is tough work, ya know.

More than any of the baby snuggling, though, I am excited to see my sister become a mom.  This is such a big step for her; a whole new chapter in which her entire perspective shifts and she leaves behind her life as “just Kara” for a new one where she is called “Mommy”.  I just know she and my brother-in-law are going to be such stellar parents.  :)  Now hurry up and come meet us all, Baby A!

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