first day back

Today was the first official day with the entire company back in the studio.  While you might be picturing me doing a whole lot of this:

It actually looked a bit more like this:

And by the end of the day, this:

The first day back in the studio with everyone is NEVER easy.  Your body is being reintroduced to the intensity of a full day of dancing, your brain is forced to jump right into quick memorization, and your mind is caught up in the middle of it all, burdened with the stress of impending casting and the excitement of spending the whole day with people you love.  It can be frustrating, gratifying, exhausting and liberating, but in the end all that matters is that after a long summer away, we are coming home.

3 thoughts on “first day back

  1. sorry, i am always compelled to comment, but i love love love this blog!!! xoxoxoxoxo
    cute entry, cute pictures, and honest, from the heart narrative!

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