flowers on the wall

 Most of my apartment walls are dotted with large, framed, ballet-themed prints; Some are vintage, some are graphic, and some had former lives advertising documentaries at the Cable Car Cinema.  My ballet art collection arose partly because tutus and pointe shoes make for a gorgeous poster, partly because I really (really really) enjoy ballet documentaries, and partly because it takes a truly special piece of art to stand out in my eyes (sidenote: my mom also happens to have a keen eye for exceptional vintage ballet prints- never hurts!).  When I’m looking for new wall art, I often find myself noting “these landscapes and still lifes are gorgeous, but none of them are me!”  However, when I spotted these amazing framed flower constructions, my first thought was I want to cover my walls in these!  Dutch artist Anne Ten Donkelaar uses dried and pressed wildflowers, stems, butterfly wings, tiny pins and paper cutouts to create whimsical, free form masterpieces, worthy of the focal-wall-spot in any room.

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