hanging out

When we’re not sweating our faces off in rehearsals, we dancers sometimes do things like this…

Yes, partner stretching.  It’s a beloved pass time.  Today’s stretching venue of choice?  A Regina Spektor-themed pas de deux rehearsal, where we got to watch Brenna, Vincent, Tegan and Ian dancey dancing their booties off…

..and the phrase “blood, sweat and tears went into this” rang truer than ever; In the midst of a fancy lift gone awry, one dancer bit off a little more than he could chew.  Yes I’m being cryptic, but the long and the short of it is, there was a hip-to-mouth collision (not something you need to worry about at your average day job), which resulted in an emergency room visit for one dancer to stitch up a very bloody lip.  Don’t worry- he’s okay!  In fact, he’ll be back in the studio tonight to run rehearsal for a piece he is choreographing.  So if anyone ever tries to tell you dancers aren’t tough…#balletisforbeasts

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