a spektor of things

{my roommate, Tegan, and I before last night’s performance of A Spektor of Things}

Last night was the premiere of FBP’s newest Up Close On Hope series (and also our first real show of the season!).  A compilation of many short and independent pieces, UCOH gives the audience the express opportunity to observe a variety of different styles of dance, all made by different choreographers who often have very contrasting techniques.  In fact, last night’s show was made up entirely of world premiere choreography, save the two pieces I danced, A Spektor of Things, and Carnivale de Venice.  A Spektor of Things, choreographed by the always fun and energetic ex-company member Mark Harootian, uses the brilliant and slightly quirky musical talents of Regina Spektor to tell the story of a lost girl finding herself (and constantly defying gravity with the help of some large steel polls and two strong men), a music-box-dwelling nymph who longs for a life outside the “mechanism”, and a young couple deciding to plunge head first into their love.

As this exuberant, albeit slightly over zealous, musically inclined sprite, it’s my job to bring a sense of innocence, determination, confusion, and comic relief to the performance.  From the moment I wildly pop out of my music box (to my own surprise), until the moment I realize I’m finally free (with a self-affirming bear hug), my character goes on a journey of self-discovery, with a few silly little hiccups and pirouettes along the way.  This piece has been hands down one of my favorites to perform of my entire career thus far.  It’s something that can only be understood if witnessed.  If you are in the New England area, please come out and see this show, you will be so glad you did!

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