all hallow’s eve

One of my favorite holidays, Halloween, is just around the corner and I’m pretty excited about it.  However, its awkward middle-of-the-week placement will make the celebration of this year’s October 31st a bit more trick than treat.  (read: I won’t be able to paint my nails with bright red drips of blood, as pictured above.  Rats.)  But never fear!  Word on the street is this upcoming weekend has been officially deemed “Hallowee-kend”, and you know what that means…costumes, candy and parties!

Although I have two shows coming up this weekend (finally time to perform Satanella pas de deux!!), I believe it’s extremely important not to miss out on some Halloween festivities.  With so much time spent focusing all of my energy (and then some) on ballet, it can be easy to forget about all of the other wonderful things that occur outside the ballet studio.  So, after the show on Saturday night, you can bet you’ll find me all decked out in my hallow’s eve finest, probably eating a tootsie-pop and dancing to The Monster Mash.


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