over the weekend…

performing “Music Box”, an excerpt from Mark Harootian’s A Spektor of Things
my partner, Ian, and I just before performing Le Carneval de Venise last Saturday night
Mady, Brenna and I before Le Carneval de Venise

A few photographical updates of my life lately, in the ballet department at least.  Performing Le Carneval de Venise (or Satanella, as we know it) was one of the most difficult, physically exhausting, emotionally expansive and mentally fulfilling things I have ever had the honor of experiencing.  It was truly unlike any other performance I’ve ever been a part of.  Seriously.  I’ve typed out (and consequently deleted) several different detailed explanations of what it actually felt like in the moment, but in doing so have realized it’s actually quite impossible.  So instead, I will tell you that the only thing that got me through moments where I thought my body might collapse into a pool of sweat, hairspray and black tulle in the middle of the stage were the excited butterflies in my tummy wildly fluttering gusts of energy out to my fingers and toes.  But not because this energy kept me going exactly- but because it reminded me to take a deep breath, relax my mind, and dance.

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