With the final performance of Up Close On Hope complete, the bows taken, and the celebratory champagne bottles popped, I can finally admit that I am eagerly anticipating the holiday season.  There’s something about finishing the first program of the season that (in my eyes) validates my Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s Eve excitement (read: one week off for the sole purpose of eating awesome food/Nutcracker time!/winter lay-off excitement).

Friday night, I had the pleasure of performing George Birkadze’s Dynamite with two of my best friends, Kara and Brenna.  Set to a pounding bass line and hip hop-infused beat strong enough to rival any Dubstep you could dish up, this piece was a far cry from last week’s Le Carneval de Venise.  The costumes were tight, black biketards (that’s a unitard with short shorts instead of a full leg, for those of you who may be less familiar with the world of leotards), the makeup was heavy, and in my mind I was singing this and channeling Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith (or really, any movie she’s ever made, or just her badass self in her everyday life would probably suffice as well…girlfriend is fierce).    Anyway, besides my epic blank-out about 30 seconds into the performance, it was a pretty awesome experience.

And for any of you who were anxiously awaiting the toptions decision (I know you were all holding your breath right, right?!?!), as you can see, I did in fact go with a very plain, simple billowy white top and nude pumps.  Because this skirt speaks for itself.  And speak it did…

Until next time chickadees!

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