en pointe

These days it appears ballet and fashion are colliding everywhere you look.  Between Valentino’s designs for NYCB, Vogue Russia’s ballet-inspired editorial last month, and now Ruche’s latest lookbook, appropriately entitled “En Pointe”, tutus and stilettos are quickly becoming the new top hat and cane…and I’m loving it!  As one of the world’s oldest and most physically strenuous art forms, it’s about time ballet starts getting the exposure it deserves.  And what could be a better platform than the world of fashion?!  If you’re confused as to why I believe ballet and fashion should continue to intermingle, consider this…

Ballet is based on a strong classical foundation, but its constant evolution and self-reinvention makes it a highly progressive discipline.  Similarly, the fashion industry was built on classics, but its unceasingly one-step-ahead nature makes it an equally progressive field.

Convinced?  You should be!  If not, consider the fact that both fashion designers and ballet seamstresses strip the world’s fabric supply stores of all sequins, rhinestones, tulle, and satin.  Also, it’s no secret that both the ballet world and the fashion world are home to an absurdly large number of Skinny McSkinnersons (also known as skelators, bones, or fetuses).

So there you have it!  Ballet and fashion are blending more and more every day- and with good reason.  What do you think of this pair?  Match made in heaven, no?

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