the first snow

Last night the first snowfall decided to grace us early.  The weather here in New England has been pretty crazy lately (but then again, isn’t it always?), from a hurricane to a Nor’easter with a mini blizzard mixing up in there somewhere.  I’m no meteorologist, but I’d say these past few weeks could be a little preview of what’s to come this winter.  So batten down the hatches kids!  It’s going to be an eventful season!  Some images to keep you toasty during this frigid, blustery, SNOWY day:images via here & here.

One thought on “the first snow

  1. That elephant was such a pain. No one really ever liked him. I’m glad you are never inviting him over again. I mean, we are never, ever, ever, getting back together! (Taylor swift reference just in case you didn’t know lol)!! You know I love you too!! And people listen up when I say this… LB is amazing at dance too, don’t let her fool you! She works her butt off and it shows. I couldn’t be more proud of her. 😉💜👯

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