sunday funday

Hello all!  Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.  It’s definitely been an interesting one at FBP…

 Sandra Jennings, New York City Ballet alumna and active member of the Balanchine Trust, has been in town all week setting George Balanchine’s Agon, and let me just say this now- it is hard.  But not just regular, run of the mill challenging.  It’s more like count until your brain hurts, memorize each minut detail, perfect the fancy footwork, extend each developpé higher than your ears, and oh yeah, don’t forget to stylize everything you do difficult.  On top of that, due to Sandra’s extremely busy schedule, she was only available to us for a week, and this ballet takes more than our requisite 5 working days to set, which meaaaaans…..SUNDAY REHEARSAL!  It wasn’t all that bad, though. The lovely Ms. Jennings surprised us all with a few boxes of delicious Seven Stars pastries and an entire CVS-shelf’s worth of Emergen-C packets.  A fantastic surprise indeed!  Especially for a company that is all too easily won over by a few good croissants.

Although it has been really fun learning Agon and working with Sandy, I am beyond thrilled to finally have a day off tomorrow, which will hopefully be spent relaxing around the house in my sweats.  Happy Sunday! xx

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