mama red riding hood

Disclaimer:  If you’re already sick of all the fashion/ballet fusion I’ve been rambling about on here lately, you should probably just stop reading now.  ‘Cause I’m about to go all ballet-fashionista-rina on ya…

This March, FBP will put on a world premiere production of Little Red Riding Hood as part of our children’s Chatterbox Theater series.  What’s the twist, you ask?  Well, this classic fairytale has (dub)stepped out of the woods and into the streets of Manhattan!  That’s right.  Little Red stars as your average Waldorf-Vanderwoodson befriending, Henri Bendel-perusing, upper east side-dwelling trust fund baby with a knack for style and chocolate chip cookies!  While the concept may sound a bit rough around the edges right now, I assure you this show will be packed with energy, excitement, pizazz, and of course, fabulous dancing.  And if that’s not enough, I can promise you right now that the costumes alone will be worth the $25 ticket.

Why’s that?  The students of Rhode Island School of Design’s Fashion Design Department are designing them exclusively for FBP!  HOW COOL IS THAT.  It’s okay to be jealous.  I’m not judging you.

Above are some photos from the first day of fittings at RISD, as well as the preliminary sketches of the costume I will don as Little Red’s mom (not to be confused with “Big Red Riding Hood”….trying to avoid that nickname early…for obvious reasons…)  What do you think?!  Tres chic, no?

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