lyke my lyst?

You  may have noticed a snazzy new link over there on my sidebar…care for some explanation?  Welllllllll

I was recently introduced to Lyst, a website that allows you to curate your very own virtual must-have wish list.  Start by surfing the online bulletin of trendy picks posted by designers, bloggers, people and stores, then add them to your “lyst” with one simple mouse click.  Easy.  As.  That.  As someone who is a self-diagnosed-online-shop-a-holic, finding an entire website dedicated to simplifying the sometimes tedious task of internet browsing (wow, my life sounds really tough right now doesn’t it? woof) was kinda like finding the open express lane after schlumping past all of the long lines of busy check out registers at Whole Foods— yes, it’s that good.  The cherry on top?  Lyst will alert you the instant any of the items in your collection go on sale.  GENIUS.  Tempting, tempting, internet genius.

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