westminster in december


Yesterday I finally made it out for a little Christmas shopping downtown.  If you ask me, holiday shopping at the mall is over rated.  Yes, I am a frequent mall-shopper, and yes, I do enjoy the over-the-top Christmas decorations that would only feel appropriate hanging there or at Disneyworld, but when it comes to buying gifts, I much prefer visiting smaller boutiques.  This way I’m supporting local artists, contributing to the success of a small business, and finding unique one-of-a-kind gifts that I can really feel excited about giving.  Not to mention the fact that walking down Westminster Street from store to store allows me to feel the chilly December air on my cheeks (I didn’t wear that scarf for nothing, you know!), while admiring the twinkling lights strung above the throughway.  Ahh, Westminster in December.  You are my favorite.

{pictured above, photos via my instagram (@keeksevans)}


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