channeling clarice

246009198366825343_okp6hQnR_cMiranda Kerr Heads To A Meeting In New York

Okay, so I’m about to rant on about how fabulous Ms. Miranda Kerr’s wintry outfit is, but I don’t feel right about doing so before I first say this: I wish that bag were faux.

I wish it were faux because I love little Bambi and his cousin Rudolph (you know, that misfit guy with the red honker?).  And I wish it were faux because I also love Rudy’s sweet doe-eyed girlfriend (hehehe), Clarice.  I wish it were faux because the killing of cute little woodland animals for the sake of fashion is wrong.  And I wish it were faux because then I wouldn’t feel quite so guilty about absolutely loving it.

Now I am going to say, with a completely lack of shame, I would like to steal Miranda Kerr’s entire wardrobe.  The Victoria’s Secret vixon has been popping up all over the place lately, (there are pinterest boards dedicated to her out there, people) and I am more than cool with it.  Her effortless street style serves as outfit inspiration for me more days than not, and why wouldn’t she?  You have to admit she is looking pretty woodsy and chic ^up there, am I right?  I must recreate this look before the season ends…and so begins the hunt for the faux-Bambi bag!

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