making spirits bright


Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!  Here are a few little peeks into the holiday cheer that’s been lighting up my apartment for the past month.

On a more somber note; In the wake of the harrowing tragedy that has so inexcusably stained our country recently, I would like to take a moment to remember those souls whose lives were taken all too soon and the families whose dinner tables will leave one place bare this December.  I hope that this horrific event will serve not as an opportunity to actively hate those responsible for the death toll, but as a reminder of the fragility of precious life.  Let this be a time in which the warm light of hope in the hearts of the good outshines the fiery enmity in the minds of the disturbed.  May the admirable in humankind exceed the evil and may the victims, their families, and this mourning country somehow find peace over the holiday season.

To donate to those affected or volunteer your time, please click here.

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